A Basic Understanding about the Sewing Machine

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The primary purpose of a sewing machine is to allow you to sew fabrics easily while creating sturdier stitches versus you doing it by hand.  If you break down the individual parts of a sewing machine you will usually have a need head, a feed dog that transitions the fabric, a bobbin component, and a platform that keeps the fabric in place as you work. Typically, the sewing machines found in homes have one head while commercial sewing machines can have multiple heads to create stitches that are more complex. Also, depending on the settings of a piece of sewing equipment, the process of sewing can be completed using two or more threads for each stitch, pulling threads from several spools at once.

Types of Sewing Machines

Computer Automated – the newer computerized machines functions by orders given from a computer chip that controls every individual movement. Repetitive stitching has been pre-installed into the chips, enabling to complete big areas without the need to duplicate a stitch manually. Most of the newer sewing machines give you the option to download different patterns that you can program for future use.

Electronic – what differentiates an electronic and a computerized sewing machine is that an electronic machine uses AC power to dictate the needle, the feed, and the other movable components. With push button or automated controls these machines can make stitching adjustments, spool, and feed fabric. A few of the models also come with preset options for common stitches.

Good Old Mechanical – the mechanical sewing machines are manually operated machines that use a rotary pedal or wheel. The machines are the cheapest machines that are on the market. Mechanical sewing machines feature adjustable dials that dictate the lengths and widths of the stitch that you plan to make. This dial also controls the tension of the stitch.

A Few Buying Tips

If you are more in tune with the newer stitches and patterns, then the computer automated machines will be your best choice since you can download additional patterns. Sewing machines with a singular function are optimal for decorative projects. One thing you want is a machine with interchangeable needles enabling you to work with several different kinds of material. The heavier materials require that you use a need that is thick, while lighter fabrics will use thinner needles. Also, you want a machine length and width to be adjustable for versatility.

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A Basic Understanding about the Sewing Machine

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